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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Washington Heights

The Student Affairs staff participated in a one-day workshop with presenter Dr. Jamie Washington on July 16. The session was intended for all of our staff members to continue to explore the important issues around culture, power, and our interconnectedness as a community. This is important to the Student Affairs staff, as our strategic and programmatic plans are to develop competencies in these areas with our students.

The staff is responsible for helping students explore issues on living and working with others who share similar and different backgrounds and perspectives. This supports the staff's mission to develop true global citizens.This workshop was just the beginning for the staff in considering the subtle and persistent issues that we all face while trying to create a just and caring world.

Pictured: Mary Butler of the Mail Center spends time with VP Felicia Lee at the morning breakfast. Residential Life Coordinators can be seen in the background preparing to take the day seriously. Reverend Nickle makes an important point to Ankita Rakhe, of CCI.


Heather Albee-Scott said...

I think you should expand on "the important point" that Stephen is making to Ankita.

ELK said...

being connected as a community surely starts with the staff... looks like a lively bunch!