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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ogg Blog

My old dorm at UW-Madison can't talk, so I will dare to speak on its behalf. I had written about this building in the Trinitonian and then my friend, Paula Apfelbach, at the UW Alumni Association asked if I could re-work it for the On Wisconsin magazine. My old Ogg buddy Don Schutt (aka: Muff) sent me a link to watch the tortuous demolition live as the old hall comes down one brick at a time. In March I got to see the new building - across the street - during a reunion with my old Ogg RA (House Fellow) buddies. As a side-note, we were met with grumblings of "old people" as we entered one of our favorite old night spots. We are a lot like Ogg I guess. And we don't mind.

1 comment:

ELK said...

Enjoyed reading your memories of Ogg and had to chuckle at the "old people" reference does that happen so quickly?